Excursion aboard the Girolata 1, a newly constructed hybrid boat, visit of the "iles sanguinaires" and possible stop on the big island: Mezzu Mare.

Embark on our hybrid boat in front of the Natura 2000 site "les iles sanguinaires". Recently built, our hybrid boat is the first all around the world in its category, it has been built to protect the fauna and flora allowing visits of protected places without polluting rejection or noise nuisance.

 With family and friends, our crew, professional and attentive, welcomes you on this comfortable boat.

 During the trip around the "iles sanguinaires", in electric propulsion and in the respect of the ubiquitous nature, enjoy seeing the remarkable landscapes that are available to you: cliffs, vegetation of seagrasses, thickets, mixed lawns , Turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and endemic species ...

 Take advantage of our crew's attentive comments and have a relaxing moment during the stop on the big island: MEZZU MARE, for a swim or a walk on the way leading to the lighthouse, to  discover  the protected fauna and  flora, specific to the sanguinary islands.

iles sanguinaires ombre chonoise