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Do your ships go out at sea when this one is agitated?
Our ships are studied to cruise in rough sea with possibility to take shelter inside (rain, spray, wind).

Are your boats hybrid?
Yes they are. Yhey only cruise electric in classified sites (Scandola reserve and Piana creeks) and according to the weather conditions (sea and wind).

How long do I arrive before buying my ticket?
10 minutes before minimum.

Do you accept wheelchairs?
Yes wheelchairs are welcome on board (except those with motor). But they cannot disembark during the cruise.

Do you accept children's strollers?
Yes, strollers are welcome on board.

Do you have a disabled toilets?
Yes we do.

Are the seats on board allocated?
Seat on board are without number but assigned.

Do you accept dogs on board?
Yes, our 4 paws' friends are welcome on board, kept on a leash (without extra charge).

Do you stop for swimming?
No, we don't stop for swimming during the cruise, but just on site (only during the stop at Mezzu Mare, see those who take the ride to Scandola on Tuesday; we stop for a swim in Girolata).

Are your ships "high speed" ships?
Our boats sail at cruising speed (15 knots, 28 km / h) and on site (7 knots, 13 km / h).

Do you accept pregnant women?
Yes,  we only accept them by calm sea and favorable weather, but not beyond 7 months and a half of pregnancy.

What are your means of booking?
You can book by phone or online. You will find links on our website to access the secure online booking plateform.

What are your means of payment?
We accept credit card, checks, cash and MeyClub tickets.

Is the meal included on board?
No, the meal is not incleded.

Is the walk commented?
Yes our sailors and captains will comment the guided tour.

Do you have survival and medicine kits?
Yes we have everything on board to help you heal when needed.

Can we take pictures and film on board?
Yes, it is highly recommended to keep memories of this beautiful moments.

Do you enter the caves and faults?
Yes, the boat is designed to access all the best places (depending on the weather).

Do you have very big boats (150 seats and more)?
No our boats are less than 97 seats and all our gusts can remain seated (inside or outside).

How long is the cruise?
The boat trip lasts approximately one hour, time for cruising around Sanguinari Islands (but you can stay the day on Mezzu Mare Island and come back with our last ship).

The scruise to Scandola lasts 9 hours, departure at 9:30 am and return at 6 pm. (come 40 minutes before to get your tickets).

The tasting tour lasts approximately 1h30.

How long can we stop on Mezzu Mare?
There are no time restrictions, a return is possible every hour. (The weather can change this possibility of a return on demand).

What can we do on the island?
You are free, you can walk, picnic, swim, snorkel, climb to the lighthouse and old semaphore; all in respect of fauna and flora.

If we have already bought the tickets and the exit is not insured for weather reasons, what happens?
A new date will be automatically proposed to you, if it does not suit you, a refund will be made.

Do your cruise require a reservation?
We take reservations only on Scandola's on Tuesdays and for the Wednesday sunset tasting.

For the cruise around Sanguinari Islands (with a stop), please give us a call to make a weather point; but there are departures every hour.

Do you have a parking nearby?
Yes, there is ample parking at La Parata where you can leave your car all day safely. The kiosk and the pier are a 1-minute walk from the car park.

How to get to come if we do not have a car?
You can use bus #5 from Ajaccio. We are at the terminus.